1. Download LFS from official lfs.net webisite

2. Download crack & patch for 0.6E (same as 0.6B): (Mirror link)

3.  Only if you have 64bit version of windows, before unlock do next:

Open up your registry (start-run-regedit)

Copy the key from:

“HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProductID”.

Then create a new key (of type string) in:

“HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProductID”,

and paste in the value you copied from the last key. )

4. Run unlocker.exe, and press in game “unlock to S2″ from the game itself. Enter any username & password you like

5. Close the game & apply ip patch to exe.

6. You can now connect to our servers by putting ip & port. These you can find on home page drift.lislon.ru

33 Responses

  1. sofian says:

    im about try this thing hope that work :)

    • Bobijs says:

      Why then i go in this server and others servers i cant see other people skins and people cant see my skin? Before i instal 0.6e i could see others skins! WHY THAT?

  2. sofian says:

    DOOOONNNN’TTT work -_-

  3. Alvis says:

    i did it but it shows No track when i try to conect to server

  4. Shagger (LFS username) says:

    What is the server called?

    • Bobijs says:

      All who cant go play s2 and whos problem is (no track) lfs not work becose you have coretly windows or not shut down firewall.On windows 8 dont work!!
      Work on windows 7/xp/vista.I am sure!:)

  5. Alvis says:

    LFS Server IP:
    Ports: 5553,5554,5555, 5559

  6. Alvis says:

    You should make a video xD

  7. guille says:

    Hello, on port 5559 clientconnect: connect failed, in other ports if I can connect, sorry for my English, google translator … jejej

  8. Krzychoo says:

    Port :5454

  9. DriftaAholics-Robbie says:

    Hey , i can connect to 5554 , but on 5555 it says different version. Which is it ? how to get it ?

  10. fanu. says:

    Hey,I have ban for 3 days how i cand un ban?

  11. Jhou22 says:

    Como recupero minha senha?

  12. JDMRULLZ says:

    What happened with Cruise server? request password?

  13. edijs says:

    dude it works but i use auto ip pach its i think is easy than regedit but need other game becouse when you come back to demo you wel get CPW :)

  14. Marius says:

    when i unlock the game, it “has stop working”….what can i do?

  15. grvx says:

    Hi, I applied ip patch to exe but when i go to multiplaayer-join specific host i don’t have an option to type ip and port. All I have is host name and host password. Can anyone help me? I would really appreciate that…

  16. DriftKing says:

    When i try to connect i write in the server ip and port.Then i press connect and it says unexspected size packet or did not recive track info.Plz help


    How do i know the server password?

  17. gaborlevy says:

    ati putea face si un video

  18. gaborlevy says:

    video va rag voa vo fost usor sa scrieti meri aici iesi de acolo pls helllppp

  19. Marcos says:

    Instead of ip address , it asks for the host name and password

  20. Chris says:

    Hi Lislon team

    can you please turn on the insim on 5999 ? i have a good feature that you can add it to the insim : if you do the first 50 km you will get 2000 $ as a a bonus but can you make if we do 2 or 3 or … runs we get a better bonus mean : first bonus 2000 second 2500 third .. 3000 sorry for bad english


  21. Chris says:

    can you please turn on the insim on 5559 ?

  22. xSlimy says:

    It says No track
    what should i do?

  23. SfpD says:

    How to connect to server once you have everything installed
    1. Go to multiplayer in the main menu
    2. Go to connect to specified server
    3. Put this in Server Address
    4. Put any of these in Port : 5553, 5554, 5556, 5553, 5656, 1337
    5. Click fucking join and fucking enjoy you fucking noobs.

  24. XISHI says:

    A new server IP Port 6767 everybody is waiting for you!!

  25. Matii says:


  26. Martin says:

    The game gives me a message “Enter valid IP”. I did all the spets and still nothing. Windows XP 32-bit

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